Glass Fusing

Choose a project

Select a size and shape to make from our samples on display. Follow us on Facebook for inspiration!

Design & Decorate

We'll provide you with a flat glass tile, and you'll simply glue on small pieces of colored glass to make your design.

Relax... we have lots of pre-cut glass shapes to make it easy. Our staff is always available to help, too. This part usually takes an hour or so, but plan on more time for large groups or detailed projects.

Leave it with us

When you're all done, leave your masterpiece with us. We'll fuse your glass and shape it in the kiln.

Come and get it!

Pieces are ready to pick up in about one week!


  • All ages can create with glass
  • No glass cutting necessary
  • Finished glass projects are food-safe
  • Please avoid the microwave and dishwasher
  • All of our glass is tested to be compatible
  • Sorry, no outside glass is allowed in the studio


  • Glass projects cost between $17 and $54 per project.
  • Prices include glass, use of our studio space and supplies and up to two firings.