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Camp Mud Classes for ages 7-15

Classes are $29/student per class.

Prices include all materials, instruction, firing and fees; sales tax is additional.

*Multi-Class Rewards

Applied per child. Gift Cards are available for each individual student who attends 3 or more Winter Break classes in December 2016. Gift Cards will be included in pickup bags with fired projects.


  • Ages 7-15; students must be dropped off. Unfortunately we will only have room for students and our instructors in the Camp Mud classroom. Parents and siblings are welcome to paint pottery or make fused glass in our Open Studio while classes are going on.

  • Students will not be registered until payment is received.  Class size is limited... don't wait!

  • Fees are non-refundable and will be forfeited for cancellations at any time.

  • All Camp Mud Projects will be ready to pick up approximately two weeks later. Wood Signs and Canvases will be taken home the same day.


Registration for Spring Break Camp Mud is now open!

Limited spaces are available, so be sure to register early!

Attend 3+ Winter Break Camp Mud classes and get a $10 Gift Card!

Multi-Class Rewards

Potters Wheel: Sculpt a ball of clay into a bowl or vessel on a spinning potters wheel and dress it up with colorful underglazes.

Clay Sculpture: Use your hands to mold and shape a lump of clay into something fabulous.

Wood Sign Painting: Stain and paint your own trendy design on a wood board.  

Paint Pottery: Learn some cool tricks to paint a masterpiece.

Glass Fusing: Arrange pieces of colored glass to let your creativity shine.

Canvas Painting: Unleash your inner artist while you paint acrylics on canvas.



Spring 2017

Thur 4/6  • 10am to 11:30 •  #201 Potter’s Wheel  •  $29/child

Thur 4/6  • Noon to 1:30pm •  #202 Potter’s Wheel  •  $29/child

Fri 4/7  • 10am to 11:30 •  #203 Canvas Painting  •  $29/child

Fri 4/7  • Noon to 1:30pm •  #204 Personalized Wood Sign  •  $29/child

Classes are $29/student per class, or $99/student for the full week.

Prices include all materials, instruction, firing and fees; sales tax is additional.


*Multi-Class Discount

Pre-register for all 4 classes in the same week at once to receive the multi-class discount. The same child must attend all 4 classes listed to receive the discount; subs will be charged the price difference.

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